Saturday, January 3, 2009

Mushroom Omelette

A good hangover food is wholesome and a little greasy. Like a good friend you go to who you know what to expect from...who doesn't shower often? Wow that's a gross metaphor.

Anyway I woke up craving something delicious to start off my weekend right. I lay in bed trying to think what I had in my fridge, I remember that I still had some organic eggs, half a box of white button mushrooms and good shredded mozzarella. I don't know what it is but the wholefoods shredded mozzarella is just prettier than normal stuff and well delicious which is important.

When I'm making a vegetable omelette I like to cook the veggies a little bit first in the pan with a little bit of butter. I don't usually go the olive oil route when making omelettes. Because they're really not going to cook while they're in the omelette, you basically want them to be in the wings waiting until the perfect time to fold them in. So in the case of the mushrooms I just made sure they were just brown and soft and off they went onto a nearby plate. If you like mushrooms raw then hey go for it.

I cracked the eggs into a bowl and just broke them up with a fork lightly. It is at this point that I throw in some salt and pepper. I don't add anything to my omelettes, however if you like them kind of bigger and fluffier add a little milk. I like them sort of thin like a crepe. To get them flat pour the eggs into a hot nonstick pan and make sure they distribute across the bottom. The bigger the pan the flatter you can get it. I use a medium sized pan for 2 eggs, and the big one for 3 or 4. (An omelette that huge would be for sharing! Portion control people!) I keep it on a low heat and before it's too cooked I add the cheese in. When little bubbles start to come through and it's just a little bit runny (not too runny!) add the mushrooms.

Don't overcook the omelette. Making it thin will make you able to cook the whole thing evenly fast without burning the bottom waiting for the top to finish. Also if it's thin you can fold it over and it looks very pretty. Folding it a couple times looks pretter than the just one big fold in my opinion. That just looks like an egg quesadilla. Not that quesadillas aren't amazing.

Anyhoo enjoy the mushroom omelette and mix it up!

2 eggs
3 bigger white button mushrooms
1 tablespoon of butter (I used margarine :( )
1/4 cup of shredded mozzarella

[no photo someone came by and scarfed it down...]

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